Effective February 1, 2011

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, applied to your account.

Checking Account Fees
NSF/Overdraft Transfer $32.00
Stop Payment $25.00
Cleared Check Copy $5.00
Check Printing Varies
2nd Chance Checking Monthly Maintenance Fee $10.00

Share Savings Account Fees
Per Value of One Share $5.00
Membership Fee $5.00
Excessive Withdrawal (5 free per month) $3.00
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal (prior to Nov. 1st) $5.00
Account Closure (if closed within 6 months) $10.00

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Debit Card Replacement $20.00
PIN Replacement $10.00
ACH Overdraft/NSF $32.00
NGCU ATM Withdrawal Free
Other ATM Withdrawal (3 free/mo.) $1.00
PCU Online Banking (free with E-Statements) $5.00
Bill Pay Service (free with E-Statements) $5.95

Other Service Fees
Returned/Unpaid Deposit Item(s) $30.00
Items Sent for Collection $20.00
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $5.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $20.00
Statement Copy/Account History $5.00
Account Research (per hour, min. $20) $20.00
Garnishment Processing $50.00
Levy Processing $50.00
Verification of Deposit $10.00
Photocopy/Fax (per page) $1.00
Credit Union Check (3rd party payee) $3.00
Returned Mail Processing (each item) $5.00
Check Cashing Fee (waived with $100 min. share balance or other account relationship) $5.00
Dormant Account (after 12 months of inactivity; maximum $60) $5.00