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By checking this box and submitting this application electronically, you are authorizing North Georgia Credit Union to increase your loan term by one month. The fee of $25 will be deducted automatically from your Share Savings Account and must be received before the processing of your request. Interest will continue to accrue on your loan during the month that you skip the payment. If you use payroll deduction, your loan payment will be posted to your Savings or Checking Account during the month that you skip your payment as payroll deductions are received from your employer. Exceptions: (Unemployment, out of work without pay). To qualify for this program all North Georgia Credit Union accounts must be in good standing. All real estate loans and delinquent loans are excluded. loans must be current. The interest on your loan will continue to accrue throughout the month that you skip your payment. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the processing of your request. 

By submitting this application to the Credit Union, I/we promise that everything is correct.
By submitting this application electronically, I/we agree to the same terms that apply to a signed application. If there is a joint owner/applicant on this loan account, that joint owner/applicant has authorized the submission of this application. This electronic submission qualifies as my/our signature.
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If you do not wish to submit this form electronically, you can print, sign and return it to the credit union.