Are you tired of those high-cost Vehicle Extended Warranties from dealers & manufacturers? Then check with your credit union regarding a Car Solutions/Mercury Insurance Group Automotive Premium Value  Protection Plan. Generally, the plans available through  Car Solutions/Mercury Insurance Group  provide similar coverage to the dealers/manufacturer’s plan, but can be obtained for significantly less — in some instances hundreds of dollars on an extended warranty. These warranty plans are issued by Car Solutions/Mercury Insurance Group, and may be included in the vehicle financing provided by the Credit Union.

Protect your vehicle with one of four MBI plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).

The Bronze Protection Plan provides solid protection for your pre-owned vehicle at a reasonable cost. It covers the vehicle’s most important and expensive mechanical components-the engine, transmission and transfer case and drive axle.

The Silver Protection Plan  covers  your vehicle’s drivetrain components and an extensive list of your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems.

The Gold  Protection Plan provides the coverage of the Silver Protection Plan and includes factory installed accessories such as audio, hardware, etc.  Seals and gaskets are included for all Gold Plan covered components.  Fluids and filters are included in conjunction with a covered repair.

The Platinum Protection Plan extends coverage to virtually all mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle unless the part is specifically listed as “not covered.”  Examples of parts not covered are:

Audio speakers, Batteries, Body panels, Body seals, Bumpers, Cables, Carpeting, Chassis, Clamps, Fasteners, Convertible tops and their mechanisms, Exhaust and emission system components, Gasoline fuel injectors that do not have an electrical failure, Glass, Insulation, Hoses, Lines and fittings (except brake lines and fittings), Mirrors, Manual clutch components, Paint, Passenger restraint system, Seats, Secondary ignition components, Soft trim/moldings or appearance items, Suspension springs, Telephones, Torsion bars, Upholstery, Weather stripping, Wheel lug nuts/studs, Wheels, Wheel covers, Internet computer, Navigation system, Video components, Heads-up display and Night vision systems.

Also specifically excluded are normal maintenance and service items, alignments, adjustments, fuses, lights/bulbs/lenses, accessory drive belts, brake pads and shoes, brake drums and rotors, shock absorbers, struts and any component not supplied as original equipment by the vehicle manufacturer.

Note: See the service contract for complete information regarding coverage.

Your Service Contract Provides the Following Features and Benefits:

Nationwide Protection
Available on Both New and Pre-Owned Vehicles
24-Hour Roadside Assistance for the term of your coverage
Rental Vehicle Assistance
Tire Road Hazard Protection and Trip Interruption for the term of your coverage
Transferable Coverage if you sell your vehicle before your agreement expires
Fully Insured Program
Direct Payment To Repair Facility
One Deductible Per Visit
Increased Resale Value
Our claims adjusters are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence


24-HOUR ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: In the event your vehicle is disabled during the term of your coverage, Roadside Assistance Service is provided.

These services include:

Lost Key/Lock-Out Services
Other Road Services

RENTAL VEHICLE ASSISTANCE: In the event of a covered Mechanical Breakdown during the term of your coverage, you will be reimbursed for alternate transportation expenses according to the schedule in your agreement. If repairs are delayed due to parts unavailability, you may be entitled to additional days of alternate transportation.

TIRE PROTECTION: If the tires on your vehicle are damaged during their normal life by glass, nails or other road hazards, they will be repaired, or replaced if not repairable, by a new tire of like kind and quality.

TRIP INTERRUPTION: You can be reimbursed for meals and lodging up to 3 days if you are stranded because of a covered breakdown more than 100 miles away from your home.

NO LIMIT ON CLAIMS: There is no limit on the number of times you can use your Premium Value Protection Plan.

EASE OF SERVICE: Repairs may be completed at any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada.

Claims Authorization Number:  800-654-8455

*This page highlights the  main features of your Premium Value Protection Plan for New and Used Vehicles.  Please refer to the Agreement for conditions of coverage, exclusions and your duties during the term of the Plan .   Premium Value Protection Plans Are Issued by:  Mercury Select Management Company, Inc.  A member of the Mercury Insurance Group, P.O. Box 268866, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8866.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is administered by a third parity provider. Please see our privacy policy for additional information on services offered by third parties.

To learn more about MBI plans contact us.