It’s time to start planning that much needed vacation. Do you find yourself daydreaming of sunny beaches or majestic mountains? Do you need extra cash? At North Georgia Credit Union we can make your dreams a reality. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to skip-a-payment on your loan (excluding real estate loans) for the month of June, July or August. The extra money can be used for vacation or any other expense.

A small processing fee of $25 will enable you to participate in this program and may be applied to all qualified loans that are listed under the same name and account number.
For your convenience, we will deduct this fee from your Share Savings Account. If your loan payments are paid through payroll deduction, the amount of your payment will be deposited into your Share Savings Account or Checking Account. The amount of your payment will be available as payroll deductions are received (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) from your employer. The interest on your loan will continue to accrue throughout the month that you skip your payment.

Please click here for a Skip-a-Payment application.